The Economics of 3D Printing – Whitepaper

Some examples of Markforged 3D printed parts

The economics of 3D printing has long been a topic of conversation in busy engineering companies. If that’s the case in your business this whitepaper should help you with your justification for a 3D printer from Markforged.

Which requirements you have to consider in the construction of components that are produced additively, we have summarized in this guide exclusively for you.

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Justification is getting easier

Recently the argument in favour of a good return on investment for 3D printers has certainly become stronger. This has enabled more and more people to find good 3D printing cost justifications and thus fund machines. Meanwhile 3D printing is advancing into the realm of production, both in terms of work-holding and custom end-use parts. So whilst the value of a printer didn’t used to be blindingly apparent at first, executing the calculations now tells a different story.

In production and manufacturing, productivity is directly tied to revenue and performance. Therefore whilst the price of a production quality 3D printer may sound steep initially, you can save lots of money. It is possible to eliminate many of the traditional manufacturing costs and find a strong ROI. Examples of this can be found in work-holding, jigs and fixtures, initial prototyping, and special tooling costs.

This ‘Economics of 3D printing’ whitepaper outlines the steps you can take to calculate your return on investment. Also Mark3D can offer help in working out the cost of 3D printing and can be reached on 0800 193 3650.