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We fight against the corona virus. Markforged is committed to helping the medical community fight COVID-19. The 3D printer is one of the most powerful and flexible tools that engineers can use in this battle. Together with our customers and partners, we have more than 10,000 cloud-based industry 3D printers distributed around the world. We’re looking for the most effective medical applications that we can bring to production in our network. If you have a great idea or need help, please contact us via email at

We have developed and tested an open source 3D printable face shield for Markforged 3D printers. To learn more about how you can make a difference, please click here.

How we approach the problem

We follow a two-phase approach: design and scaling. In the first phase, we work to design and validate effective parts, both internally and in collaboration with other teams. When we find applications that validate these criteria, we will scale production across our entire fleet and release it for others to print. Our overall stack rank for finding the most impact quickly looks like this:

  • Testing. Knowing the location of the virus is the first step in stopping it, and we need to scale the testing volume quickly.
  • Fast PPE (personal protective equipment). We need to keep our front fighters safe and sound during the first wave so that they can continue fighting.
  • Robust PPE. We need more durable solutions that can be worn for longer periods, reused and fully protected.
  • Patient equipment. Based on the experience of other regions, we expect a critical shortage of life-saving patient equipment such as ventilators. We are trying to predict shortages and design them creatively.
  • Optimization of the supply chain / workflow. In such a battle, all manufacturers must deliver critical items on deck. Industrial 3D printers can quickly optimize supply chains and remove blockers as factory lines rotate and ramp. We are ready to help any manufacturer who needs help.

What we actually do

3D printed face shields
Problem: Face protection is crucial in the fight against infectious diseases: it protects the eyes (an infection vector) and prolongs the life of N95 masks by protecting them from direct droplet flow. Unfortunately, personal protection shields are scarce and are usually designed as disposable shields. For this reason, medical professionals either do without shields or use disposable shields, which are far beyond their life expectancy.

Solution: Markforged engineers have developed a reusable face shield that can be made with any Markforged 3D printer. It consists of a 3D-printed frame, a face shield cut from PETg, a piece of foam tape and a standard rubber band. The clear face shields can be removed and replaced in less than 30 seconds.

Status: To date, we have produced over 300 face shields, which we have distributed to local hospitals and first responders for testing purposes. These tests have been mostly positive and have given us some great feedback that will be incorporated into a second generation design that we plan to release at a later date. We have chosen open source as our Generation 1 design, so that Markforged customers and partners can print their own face shields. To learn more, scroll down to the “How you can help” section. Or click here.

3D printed nose swabs
Problem: Testing people and identifying COVID-19 infected patients is the first way to slow the spread of the disease. With the increase in global testing capacity, a new shortage has emerged: the special nose swabs required to perform the tests. To make matters worse, the main producer of these swabs is located in northern Italy, one of the most affected regions.

Solution: Markforged is working with a customer to design and test swab pens that can be printed in just two minutes. These printed sticks can be flocked with rayon fibres to form functional nose swabs. We believe that we can produce 700 swabs per day per printer using a special print file. As a reference, this would mean that the 40 printer print farm where we print samples could produce 28,000 swabs per day.

Status: We are still in testing, but plan to validate and certify our design in the coming days. After that we plan to increase production with key manufacturing partners.

Durable PPE
Problem: Medical providers are running out of the PPE they need to safely care for sick patients. Given the massive global demand for this device, it is likely that the shortage will worsen before it improves. Providers need durable, reusable devices that can withstand the duration of this outbreak.

Solution: Markforged is working with a number of local companies to develop an adapter that will allow widely available HEPA filters to be mounted on full face snorkel masks. This design combines the comfort and reusability of a face shield with the highly efficient filtration that medical providers require.

Status: Prototypes have been developed and are in initial testing.

How you can help

Markforged and also we support the helpers! In the current time true heroes show themselves. Doctors, nurses and helpers work for others for hours every day and at the edge of their strength. We want to support these helpers with 3D printed parts for self protection.

This has led us to provide you with a set of printable .STL files. So you too can help concretely!

This set contains two different face masks, a respirator band, a door opener, an antivirus mask and other useful files.

3D printed face shields
Markforged has designed and validated a 3D printable face shield that you can create and distribute. Before you start building your own, please read these instructions. Currently we only support Markforged customers and partners.

  • Contact a hospital, medical provider, or other users before you start printing face shields.
  • DO NOT produce shields if you or people near you have been ill or show symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Wear PPE (nitrile gloves) when printing and assembling these face shields. When you are finished, place the finished parts in a sealed and dated plastic bag.
Download .STL files now

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Face shields created with Markforged 3D printers have not been tested by health authorities or validated for clinical use. They were created as a quick response to support hospitals and healthcare facilities with a shortage of face masks for medical use. The face shields were designed to provide facial protection against the virus.

Do you have further questions or need support in a specific case? You need 3D printed parts for a hospital or other institution? Write us a message! We and our network are happy to help.

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