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The 3D printer in the classroom or auditorium

Mark3D’s 3D printing solutions allow students to prototype and test and optimize their design designs.

Markforged’s metal and composite 3D printing solutions provide students with hands-on learning with tools used by professional engineers every day, as well as the necessary problem-solving and collaboration skills to succeed. 3D printing can also enable new discoveries for research and the laboratory.

The first experiences in dealing with the 3D printing, the participants can improve your career opportunities significantly. For us as a partner, it is always exciting to see how what the pupils and students produce from the circumstances.


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“Learning by doing”

3D printing offers a wealth of opportunities to enhance science, technology, engineering, art, and maths skills, as well as design. To present students with practical challenges, they are confronted with a hands-on approach to problem solving.

With Markforged’s 3D printing solutions and Mark3D as your education partner, students develop hands-on skills supported by resources that inspire and help keep you running.

Improve Learning

Markforged 3D printers can already be found in almost all areas of the education industry:

  • Research institutes
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Technical Schools
  • High Schools
  • elementary schools

Colleges and Universities

What does it take to attract the best students and staff to your own college? State-of-the-art technologies and equipment are definitely an important step in the right direction. With Markforged 3D printers, students can gain critical academic experience, create cross-departmental collaboration, and even encourage student entrepreneurship. Markforged solutions generate real excitement and problem-solving skills that can move an entire campus.

Technical Colleges

Experts predict that over the next decade, a shortage of skilled workers could result in the production of more than 2 million jobs. Worldwide, manufacturers rely on technical schools to develop programs that attract and retain talented students and prepare them to work in advanced technology areas.

3D printing is already everywhere

Nothing conveys an idea better than holding it in your hand. 3D printing is an effective way to enhance learning. Numerous industrial companies and smaller medium-sized companies are already producing prototypes and small series with 3D printers.

In today’s highly competitive and competitive labor market, students and students gain first-hand experience with professional 3D printers, a real advantage.

Markforged benefits for 3D printing

Focus on Learning

Print fast and inexpensively

Many Markforged 3D printers use turbo-print mode to create design concepts quickly and economically. Now you can print twice as fast as in standard mode, consuming on average only one third of the material – and without sacrificing surface quality or sacrificing resolution.

Choose onyx for printing. Onyx is a engineering thermoplastic that delivers stiff, strong and precise parts. Alone, the material is already 1.4 times stiffer than ABS and can also be reinforced with any continuous fibre. Onyx raises the bar in surface texture, chemical resistance and heat tolerance.

Simple and intuitive for educators & students

Markforged 3D printers are easy and intuitive to use. We can provide you with a 3D printer that supports almost every requirement of your curriculum. The Markforged 3D printers can be used directly in the classroom or lecture hall.

Your advantages:

  • Special rates for use in classrooms, research laboratories, Fab Labs and nonprofit organizations
  • Access to free online resources from Markforged Additive Manufacturing University, such as design guides, tips and tricks, videos and more.
  • First sponsorship opportunities for robotics and SAE

(Almost) unlimited possibilities

Markforged 3D printers offer a number of different options. Through the use of different composite materials such as glass fibre, carbon fibre, Kevlar, HSHT fibre glass, the components can be produced with different strengths.

Due to the almost unlimited possibilities of component production, the creativity of schools & students are encouraged and moreover finding solutions to problems is encouraged. The versatility of Markforged 3D Printers easily adapts to the many different class and student requirements.


The print jobs are controlled in the Markforged 3D printers via the EIGER software. However, almost all types of 3D CAD software can import data.

The Markforged EIGER software is powerful and very easy to use. Your components can be quickly optimized with the right settings and fiber orientations to optimally design your component for your application.

Need a 3D printer for educational purposes at your school, college or university?

The education solutions provided by Mark3D UK and Markforged make the integration of 3D printers in schools more practical and affordable. They include resource materials and important printer support.

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